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Much more than coffee served by a robot

if you hate it automate it

de-mystification of robotics and automation solutions and Integration workflows for SMEs and craftsmen


In German SMEs, around 95% of final assembly operations are performed manually.


Automation Is Too Expensive For SMEs

We look at all the costs transparently and show different ways of calculating ROI.


There are no automatable processes in small companies

We start by serving coffee to demonstrate the integration of automation solutions. This application will be further developed and its complexity increased.


Automation costs jobs and discourages applicants

We will be supporting several other projects and surveying SMEs and craft businesses to find out how robotic solutions in business are affecting application rates.


Robot systems are complex and difficult to operate

We look at different processes, peripherals and tools together and present them in a new YouTube channel.


... we thought we'd start with the "Coffee" application and use it to show how technology is evolving. No mixing of different applications, requirements or framework conditions.

Coffe making as simple automation case

A robot serving coffee is a perfect example of simple and accessible automation. It demonstrates how technology can streamline everyday processes efficiently without being complex or intimidating. This type of robotics offers a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution, showing that automation doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to implement. It's ideal for SMEs and tradespeople who are keen to take their first steps into automation, providing a practical and approachable way to explore new technologies that can enhance their operations.

showcase components & providers

As part of the creation of the Barista Bot, we will present all components and suppliers so that you can find out at any time how which part of the automation was implemented.

practice series and open documentation

You will find every step documented on our social media channels. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you.

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It's just the start

further development

Mission: From retro fit to full AI stearing

Version 1

the "retro-fit" approach

  • Robot operates professional coffee maker with capacitive touch panel
  • Places coffee cup on coffee printer, which prints logo on milk foam
  • Places the coffee in front of the guest

Version 2

end of 2024

  • 2 different robot arms
  • operate portafilter coffee machine
  • show barista skills (your coffee in Latte Art style)

Version 3

next year

  • Fully camera and AI controlled automation
  • makes various latte art motifs
  • places coffee where guest points finger

Meet hte #BaristaBot

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IMEX 2024

14-16 May 2024 | Booth of the City of Dresden (F160)

more to come


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